☦️ Saint Therapon of Cyprus - the Miracle-worker☦️


On May 14th, we also honor the Hieromartyr St.Therapon, Bishop of Cyprus. His legacy is preserved through St. Andrew of Crete, who records that St. Therapon was beheaded during an Arab invasion, likely between the 7th and 8th centuries.

Born to devout parents, St. Therapon demonstrated his devotion to Christ through abstinence, fasting, and prayer. A powerful preacher, he converted many to Orthodox Christianity and openly opposed the iconoclasts, which led to his slander, imprisonment, and exile.

After his release, he traveled to Jerusalem, where he preached the Gospel and engaged in extensive charity work. His growing fame prompted him to move to Cyprus to become a monk, but his reputation had already reached the island.

Initially, he stayed with a man named Sosios and his wife, who had been bedridden for nine years. St. Therapon healed her through God's grace, and news of this miracle attracted many seeking healing from the wonderworking saint.

The island's governor urged St. Therapon to stay and offered him the Diocese of Larnaca. He accepted, and the faithful rejoiced in having their healer and spiritual guide among them.

During an Arab invasion of Cyprus, St. Therapon was beheaded by pirates at the altar during Divine Liturgy. Immediately after, celestial melodies and uncreated light appeared above the Holy Table.

This miracle bolstered the believers and caused the Arabs to feel fear and remorse. The faithful buried St. Therapon's body at the site where his first temple was later built.

On May 14, 806, his relics were transferred to Constantinople for safekeeping against further invasions. A neighborhood in Constantinople is still named Therapia (Tarabya) in his honor.

Portions of his relics are now located at Mount Athos, the Church of St. Therapon in Zographou, Athens, and the Church of St. Therapon in Mytilene.

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