About us

Dear customers, welcome to our shop.

TheHolyArt is a family owned workshop based in Thessaloniki, Greece that we deeply value and respect our faith to our Lord Jesus Christ. Always adhering to the Traditional Mt.Athos technique we craft our Icons and Religious items with the highest quality standards. We always strive for customer satisfaction and make them feel more comfortable and unique by owning pieces that have never been crafted before, this is why we are glad to serve your custom requests for personal or professional use for any kind of event. With more than 3 decades of experience working in the art world our passion and commitment is only growing, striving for never-seen-before religious pieces while minimizing our carbon footprint.

Our philosophy that lies behind the Sacred art of Hagiography;

Orthodox iconography is not just an "art". It's a sacred art. It's not "painting," it's theology. It's not "artistic expression," it's an expectation of salvation.

The Byzantine Hagiographer, as shaped by the centuries-old search for the correct way of depicting the transcendent, canonizes with full awareness of his diaphane within the Church.

The Image is a devotional medium. Object, not worship, but respect. The price goes to the person depicted and not, of course, to the wood. In the depiction of a sacred person, its existence is represented and not its unique nature. Its purpose is to present the venerable and evangelical verbs of Orthodoxy simply, understandable and respectful.