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Archangel Michael icon, Handmade Greek Orthodox icon of St Michael, Byzantine wood plaque

Archangel Michael icon, Handmade Greek Orthodox icon of St Michael, Byzantine wood plaque

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This byzantine icon is a lithography with double varnish layer to ensure vivid colors and waterproof properties depicting Archangel Michael is an god inspired artwork abiding to the Athonian technique that was gives this icon unique religious and aesthetic value.

As Major General is portrayed with all his splendor as the Commander in Chief of the Insolent Forces. His face has youthful features and has been painted with dense touches according the Byzantine tradition. Primarily, however, as our Church teaches, he protects the souls of the people who are eager to the Lord, from the attacks of the demons and their efforts to prevent souls in their course to God. Archangel Michael is the one who appeared to Abraham at Isaac’s sacrifice. Then to Lot when he redeemed him with his family from the Sodom disaster. He appeared to Jacob when he was saved by his brother Esau who wanted to murder him.

When Lucifer, who belonged to the angels, rebelled because of his pride against God, a battalion of Angels detached from God and followed him. These angels, along with Lucifer, were persecuted and turned into demons. Then, Archangel Michael, with humiliation and allegiance to God, gathered and united the ranks of angels, shouting them "Πρόσχωμεν", that is, let us be careful not to fall from the light into the darkness like Lucifer.

A beautiful lithography with metal details on the edges is an artwork following the Athonian techniques to the letter created with love and patience. The creator applied the process of artificial ageing and added a handmade metal finish to give this icon unique aesthetic value.

Can be hung on a wall or placed on a flat surface.

The item is sold without the stand depicted.

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