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Handmade Church Altar Holy Communion Gold Plated Brass Holy Chalice Grail SET with Holy Disk Asterisk Holy Spear Holy Lavida religious gift

Handmade Church Altar Holy Communion Gold Plated Brass Holy Chalice Grail SET with Holy Disk Asterisk Holy Spear Holy Lavida religious gift

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►►The Chalice◄◄

Holy Glass or Chalice , is the name of the metal cup with a high base with which the colorless sacraments of our church are transmitted. The Chalice symbolizes the Glass of the Last Supper when Jesus Christ foreshadowed the sacrament of Holy Communion, in remembrance of his saving sacrifice. The Church believes that the priest, like another disciple of the Lord, communicating with Him and with His hands, takes the Chalice , to commune with Christians. The wish, which precedes before the closing of the Beautiful Gate with the wish " we worship the saints " states characteristically: "And if you value your mighty hand, transmit to me your incorruptible Body and the pure Blood and through us all the peoples ", that is," And make us worthy with your strong hand to transmit to us your incorruptible Body and the pure Blood and from us to all the people ".

At the Chalice during the offering ceremony , the minister pours wine with a little water to be sanctified-transformed into the blood of Christ. At the same time, he mentions the following reasons taken from John 19: 34: " He cast a spear at the soldiers, and blood and water came out straight away ... ". Thus, wine and water symbolize the blood and water that came out of the Lord's side on the Cross, when it was embroidered (pierced) with the spear, to determine His possible death.

The Blood of the Last Supper is directly related to the Blood of the cross sacrifice of our Lord Jesus Christ, on the Cross. This is evident from the words of the Lord at the Last Supper: " Drink of it, all of you; for this is my blood of the new testament, which is shed for many for the remission of sins ."

At the sacrifice of the feast of the Atonement of the Old Testament once a year the High Priest entered the Holy of Holies and blood flowed on the Ilastirion, which covered the Ark of the Covenant and asked God for the forgiveness of the sins of the people. In the sacrifice on the Cross , Christ, respectively, shed His Holy Blood for the remission of the sins of mankind.

►►Holy Disk◄◄

Holy Disk or Diskario is called the ecclesiastical sacred vessel, which looks like a small metal disk resting on a base. The Disc has no unambiguous symbolism. Thus it can symbolize the manger, the funeral bed of the Lord, the sky, the triumphant shield on which the King of all is surrounded, by Angelic orders.
On it, the minister places the Lamb during the Passover ceremony , that is, the bread that will be sanctified (changed) into the body of Christ. To the right of the Lamb he places the portion of the Virgin , while to his left the portion of the angels and the saints of the Triumphant Church. In front of the Lamb he places the portions of the faithful (living and destitute), which he mentions during the ceremony of Proskomidi . During the inauguration ceremony, the holy relics of the martyrs are transported to the Tray to be placed inside the Holy Table.


Asterisk is the metal cruciform vessel, which is placed on the Tray, so that the lid does not touch the Holy Bread and the portions . The symbolic interpretation given to him is the memory of the star who led the magicians from the east to worship the born Christ. A characteristic point of the Divine Liturgy is the ostentatious tapping of an asterisk on the Disk , in the midst of absolute silence, following the phrase " The epic hymn ... and saying " .2 / β΄ 9) λόγους: « Και ελθών ο αστήρ έστη πάνω, ου ην ιδίον κείμενον».

►►Holy Spear◄◄

The Holy Spear is the metal sacred vessel in the shape of a spear, which is used in the Passover ceremony for the extraction of the Lamb and the other portions of the Disc . It symbolizes the spear with which the soldiers embroidered (pierced) the side of the crucified Christ [1] , while it is used exclusively by the Orthodox Church. When the minister embroiders (pierces) the Lamb in the letters NI, he secretly mentions in a low voice , the words of the Gospel (John 19 / s: 34) "A spear was pointed at the soldiers ... ".

►►Agia Lavida◄◄

Agia Lavida or Kochliarion , is called the metal object in the shape of a small spoon, which is used for the transmission of Holy Communion to the faithful. It was originally used for transmission to patients and infants. Later, for practical reasons, its use became widespread. Its use dates back to the 9th century and you believe that it was based on the passage in the 6th chapter of the book of Isaiah where it is vividly described a seraphim with tweezers (tweezers) to carry burning coal from the heavenly altar, which he put in the mouth of the prophet and told him that his sins were forgiven.

The minister, when he partakes of the Holy Blood, embraces the Holy Grail and says the words that the angel said to Isaiah (Isaiah 6: 7): " This is the lip of my lips ; (That is: This touched my lips and the Lord will remove my iniquities and cleanse my sins). Also, when he communicates with the faithful, he usually states: " The servant of God receives the Body and Blood of Christ for the remission of sins and for eternal life ."

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