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Jesus Christ icon, Handmade Greek Orthodox icon of our Lord, Byzantine art wall hanging natural plaque icon 20x21cm, religious gift

Jesus Christ icon, Handmade Greek Orthodox icon of our Lord, Byzantine art wall hanging natural plaque icon 20x21cm, religious gift

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The Iconography Christ Pantocrator of Sinai is a collectible image, a faithful copy of the original icon of Christ Pantocrator. It is a picture of the Holy Monastery of St. Catherine of Mount Sinai combined with the the prayer "Our Father who art in heaven".

The Original icon of Christ Pantocrator of Sinai is found in the original Church of Sinai, as it has been delivered, is burnt, in natural size, from the first half of the 6th century. It is located in the Monastery of St. Catherine of Sinai, very well maintained in the dry air of the Sinai Peninsula, and presents an impressive picture of Christ.

It is the work of a great Byzantine artist and was probably painted in well-known Byzantine workshops at the behest of the emperor himself. Christ holds the gospel in his left hand and He is blessing with the right. Thick hair surrounds the Head of the Pantocrator with parting in the middle and bows falling onto the left shoulder. According to tradition, the characteristics of Christ are the same as those of St. Mandilius. It is an unhandmade image.


The pupils of his eyes are not on the same level, the gaze of Christ is not nailed to a certain point, but it seems remote from reality. In this way, the artist expresses the divine nature of Christ. Details of the illustration, however, also refer to the human nature of Christ as raised eyebrows. In this particular rendering of the form of Christ, half the face is rendered full of sweetness, with a serene look, full with compassion. In the other half, the hagiographer renders the face with rigor with more intense tones and shades. The gaze of Christ captivates anyone who looks at the image. It really is a masterpiece of monumental art.

In this artwork the technique of lithography is used, creating a unique work of beauty. Based on a lithographed copy of Byzantine art, the hagiographer painted this work abiding to the traditional method of artificial ageing, as taught in the

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