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Jesus Christ icon, Handmade Greek Orthodox icon of our Lord, Byzantine art wall hanging on wood plaque, religious icon home decor

Jesus Christ icon, Handmade Greek Orthodox icon of our Lord, Byzantine art wall hanging on wood plaque, religious icon home decor

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This byzantine icon is a lithography with double varnish layer to ensure vivid colors and waterproof properties depicting Jesus Christ Life Giver / Pantocrator Enthroned is an god inspired artwork abiding to the Athonian technique that was gives this icon unique religious and aesthetic value. The vivid representation of Jesus Christ the Life Giver, the only real winner over death, presented strict but fair. With his cruciform sacrifice he won death and sin and brought to the world light and life. «I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in me will live, even though he dies», Jesus says. According to Christianity Jesus is the very source of life — both physical life and eternal life.

The word Pantocrator is of Greek origin meaning "ruler of all". Christ Pantocrator is an icon of Christ represented full or half-length and full-faced. He holds the book of the Gospels in his left hand and blesses with his right hand.

The icon portrays Christ as the Righteous Judge and the Lover of Mankind, both at the same time. The Gospel is the book by which we are judged, and the blessing proclaims God's loving kindness toward us, showing us that he is giving us his forgiveness.

Although ruler of all, Christ is not pictured with a crown or scepter as other kings of this world. The large open eyes look directly into the soul of the viewer. The high curved forehead shows wisdom. The long slender nose is a look of nobility, the small closed mouth, the silence of contemplation.

It is the tradition of the Church to depict "God is with us" by having the a large Pantocrator icon inside of the central dome, or ceiling of the church.

The oldest known Pantocrator icon was written in the sixth century. It was preserved in the monastery of St. Catherine in the Sinai desert. This remote location enabled the image to survive the iconoclastic era in Byzantine history (726-815) when most icons were destroyed.

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