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Saint Ephraim icon, Handmade Greek Orthodox icon of St Ephraim of Mount Amomon, Byzantine art wall hanging, religious gift

Saint Ephraim icon, Handmade Greek Orthodox icon of St Ephraim of Mount Amomon, Byzantine art wall hanging, religious gift

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This handmade orthodox icon is a lithography with double varnish layer to ensure vivid colors and waterproof properties depicting Saint Ephraim of Mount Amomon is an god inspired artwork abiding to the Athonian technique that was gives this icon unique religious and aesthetic value.

St. Ephraim of Nea Makri or St. Ephraim of Mount Amomon (Greek: Άγιος Εφραίμ Νέας Μάκρης / του Όρους των Αμωμών), believed to have lived from 1384 to 1426, is venerated as a martyr and miracle-working saint by many Orthodox Christians of Greece and abroad. His status as a saint is controversial to the secular West, as there are no sources testifying to his existence as a historical person. Believers regard him as a "newly revealed" ("νεοφανείς") saint, whose existence is a matter of divine revelation rather than historical proof. He has become one of the most beloved saints in the last thirty years and is a center of pilgrimage for the entire country of Greece. His martyric death is commemorated by the church May 5 and the discovery of his relics January 3. The relics were discovered through divine intervention in 1950; 524 years after his death. He was formally glorified by Constantinople March 2011.

St. Ephraim's name and biography, complete with exact dates and details, is said to have been revealed to a hermit nun, Sister Makaria Desypri (1911-1999), in a series of divinely inspired dreams in 1950. Following these dreams, she believed she was led by God to restore the Monastery of the Annunciation in Nea Makri which had been destroyed by pirates in the fifteenth century.

With the permission of the local bishop, she took possession of the partially built chapel and as she worked she eventually cleared away the rubble and prayed to find out more about the monk who had once lived there. This prayer was answered with a strong thought to "Dig up the earth here and you will find what you are

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