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Saint John icon the Forerunner Baptist, Handmade Greek Orthodox icon Byzantine wood plaque

Saint John icon the Forerunner Baptist, Handmade Greek Orthodox icon Byzantine wood plaque

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⭐Dimensions 38x18cm / 14.96x7.09 inches⭐

In this handmade lithography with metal finishing on the edges we have the representation of Saint John the Baptist, the great prophet who baptized Christ. It is obvious that the iconographer follows until the last detail the standards of Byzantine art. A hand carved artwork on 100% natural wood that creates a 3D look.

A holy figure that became one of the most revered saints in the Orthodox Church is Saint John the Baptist who was the one who announced the coming day of the Lord. His face is depicted disheveled and his beard sparse. His expression is strict and serious. His hands and his body are portrayed fleshless, because according to the scriptures, his food in the desert was locusts and wild honey. His face is painted scrawny and dark skinned in order to declare the intense heat of the desert. He is wearing clothes made of camel hair and his own head is lying on the ground, in a display that refers to the end of his life.

Herodias, daughter of the living brother of Herod, Philip, advised her daughter Salome to ask as a gift from her stepfather, the head of Prophet John in a dish, since his words troubled the corrupt minds.

Can be hung on a wall or placed on a flat surface.

The item is sold without the stand depicted.

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