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Saint Nicephorus icon, Handmade Greek Orthodox icon of St Nikephoros of Constantinople, Byzantine art wall hanging icon on wood plaque

Saint Nicephorus icon, Handmade Greek Orthodox icon of St Nikephoros of Constantinople, Byzantine art wall hanging icon on wood plaque

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A beautiful lithography with double varnish to ensure long lasting in time and water proof properties with the representation of Saint Nicephorus of Constantinople. An artwork following the Athonian techniques to the letter created with love and patience. The creator applied the process of artificial ageing and added a handmade dark red byzantine tone finish to give this icon unique aesthetic value.

Our father among the saints Nicephorus I of Constantinople, also Nikephoros and the Confessor, was the Patriarch of Constantinople from 806 to 815 during the era of iconoclastic disputes during the early ninth century. His feast day is celebrated on June 2, and the translation of his relics from Prokonnis to Constantinople on March 13.

St. Nicephorus was born about 758. He was well educated. His father, Theodore, was secretary to the emperor Constantine V Copronymus, a iconoclast. Theodore, however, was an iconodule and came into conflict with the emperor who removed him from his position and then had him scourged and tortured before banishing him. Thus, Nicephorus grew up with his father's example of defending the veneration of the images before his eyes.

When Constantine VI and Irene came to the imperial throne and restored the use of sacred images in churches, Nicephorus came to their notice and soon obtained their favor and was placed in his father's former position. He distinguished himself greatly by his zeal against the Iconoclasts. He also was secretary to the Seventh Ecumenical Council. After the death of Patriarch Tarasius of Constantinople on February 25, 806, no one was found more worthy to succeed him than Nicephorus. To give an authentic testimony of his faith, during the time of his consecration he held in his hand a treatise he had written in defense of holy images, and after the ceremony was concluded, he laid it in back the altar as a pledge that he would always maintain the tradition of the Church.

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