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Saint Olga icon, Handmade Greek Orthodox icon of St Olga of Kiev, Byzantine art wall hanging icon on wood plaque, religious decor

Saint Olga icon, Handmade Greek Orthodox icon of St Olga of Kiev, Byzantine art wall hanging icon on wood plaque, religious decor

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A beautiful lithography with double varnish to ensure long lasting in time and water proof properties with the representation of Saint Olga of Kiev. An artwork following the Athonian techniques to the letter created with love and patience. The creator applied the process of artificial ageing and added a handmade metal finish to give this icon unique aesthetic value.

The holy, right-believing Empress Olga of Kiev was the grandmother of Prince Vladimir of Kiev. A convert to Orthodox Christianity, she was the main influence on her grandson that resulted in his conversion to Christianity and that of his realm of Kievan Rus. She is considered, with her grandson, as having brought Orthodoxy to Russia. Her feast day is July 11.

Olga's origins are not certain. Although she may have come from Pskov, according to the Russian Primary Chronicles, she came from Vyshgorod. She was probably of Varangian heritage. She is believed to have been born about 890. About 903 she married Prince Igor I, who was the son of the founder of Russia, Rurik. Prince Igor succeeded his father Oleg as the ruler of Kiev and its territories, which now constitute parts of a number of present day nations: Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and Poland.

After her husband Igor was murdered in 945, Princess Olga became the regent for her son, Svyatoslav, until he came of age in 964. She is remembered in the Primary Chronicles for her revenge against the Derevlyanins for the murder of her husband. In a tough world the Princess Olga could be tough. She was known as a strong and effective ruler. When she became interested in Christianity is uncertain, although her interest may have started before her visit to Constantinople.

In 957, she visited Emperor Constantine VII in Constantinople. He admired her looks and intelligence, noting to her that 'You are fit to reign in this city with us.' She agreed to be baptized and thus became a Christian, with name Helen, after

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