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Saint Paraskevi icon, Handmade Greek Orthodox icon of St Paraskevi of Rome, Byzantine art wall hanging icon plaque, religious decor

Saint Paraskevi icon, Handmade Greek Orthodox icon of St Paraskevi of Rome, Byzantine art wall hanging icon plaque, religious decor

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This byzantine icon with handcrafted details on 100% natural wood is a lithography with double varnish layer to ensure vivid colors and waterproof properties depicting Saint Paraskevi of Rome is an god inspired artwork abiding to the Athonian technique that was gives this icon unique religious and aesthetic value.

Saint Paraskevi of Rome (also Parasceva; Virgin-Martyr) is venerated as a Christian martyr of the 2nd century. She was arrested and tortured under the reign of the Roman Emperor Antoninus Pius for her refusal to worship idols.[1] Though he eventually released her after she performed a miracle which cured him of his blindness, she was arrested on multiple later occasions for her Christianity and was eventually beheaded by the Roman governor Tarasius.[1][2]

She is invoked for the healing of ailments to the eyes. The Church commemorates her on July 26.

Paraskevi was born in a village near Rome, likely during the reign of the Roman Emperor Hadrian (117-138 AD). Her parents, Agathon and Politia, were Christians of Greek origin[1][2][4], and had prayed for many years to have a child.[2] When Politia finally bore a child, she was born on a Friday, the day of Our Lord's suffering.[1] They therefore named the baby girl Paraskevi (Παρασκευή), which means "Friday" in Greek (literally "preparation (day)" for the sabbath: cf. Mark 15:42). Paraskevi grew up to be a devout and well-read woman, who rejected many suitors.[4]

After the death of her parents, she gave away all of her possessions[5] and became the head of a Christian community of young virgins and widows.[1] She also began to preach the Christian faith,[5] and at the age of 30, left Rome and ministered to many cities and villages.


In the village of Therapia, Constantinople, she was arrested by soldiers of the Emperor Antoninus Pius, and brought to trial. The charge was blasphemy and that her words were the cause of all the ills th

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