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Saint Phanourios icon, Handmade Greek Orthodox icon St Fanourios, Byzantine art wall hanging wood plaque icon, religious decor

Saint Phanourios icon, Handmade Greek Orthodox icon St Fanourios, Byzantine art wall hanging wood plaque icon, religious decor

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In this handmade lithography with double varnish to ensure waterproof properties and long lasting in time, we have the representation of the Saint Phanourios.

The holy, glorious and right-victorious Great-martyr Phanourios (also Fanurius, Fanourios, Phanurius, Phanourius) the Newly Appeared of Rhodes, the Miracle-Worker, is commemorated by the Church on August 27. There is no literature available in the church prior to discovering his little church in Rhodes so not much is known about St. Phanourios's life other than the images of his martyrdom on his icon.

The only literary evidence that supports a historical date, relating to this saint, is documented in the book Lives of the Saints, which testifies that the icon in Rhodes was discovered, around 1500 AD. Some sources support the opinion that the icon was discovered in Cyprus and not in Rhodes. A 2008 research paper on folklore[1] suggests that there are two manuscripts. The first is the mention of a miracle included in the Cod. Vat. Gr. 1190 (dating from 1452 and written in Crete) and was published in the Acta Sanctorum. The second manuscript originates from Heraklion, dating from 1600-1640 (Vassilakes-Mavrakakes 1980-81, p. 226). Both of these manuscripts describe a miracle that took place in Rhodes which caused the saint's fame to spread from Rhodes to Crete.

In the Church we have the tradition of patron saints. St. Phanourios has become famous for assisting the faithful in revealing lost or hidden spiritual matters of the heart, objects, directing or revealing actions that should be taken, restoring health and similar situations. He is then honoured by the faithful through a symbolic cake, called the "Phanouropita" which can be brought to the church, at any time, for a blessing.

Can be hung on a wall or placed on a flat surface.

The item is sold without the stand depicted.

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