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Saint Sophia icon, Orthodox icon St Sofia the Martyr, Greek Handmade Byzantine art wall hanging of Hagia Sophia wood plaque, religious decor

Saint Sophia icon, Orthodox icon St Sofia the Martyr, Greek Handmade Byzantine art wall hanging of Hagia Sophia wood plaque, religious decor

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A true masterpiece of a handmade icon with the technique of lithography adorned with vivid coloring with the representation of Saint Sophia the Martyr.
Saint Sophia the Martyr is venerated in the Eastern Orthodox Church on September 17. Born in Italy, Sophia had three daughters: Faith, Hope and Charity, who were named after virtues mentioned by Saint Paul in 1 Corinthians 13. September 17th is the Day of the capital of Bulgaria - Sofia.

Church tradition says that in the second half of the first century in Rome lived a pious woman, a Christian, that says Sofia. She had three daughters who wore the names of Christian virtues - Faith, Hope and Love.

Sofia and her daughters did not hide their faith openly professed her. As understood that Emperor Hadrian (117-138) ordered to bring them to him. When standing in front of the emperor, all attendees were wowed by stokoystvieto them.

Adrian tried to persuade them to offer a sacrifice to the goddess Artemis, but young girls (Faith was 12 years old Nadezhda - 10 and Love - 9 years) remained adamant, then the emperor commanded them tortured brutally. A mother was forced to watch the inhuman torture and suffering of their children. But she showed remarkable strength throughout.

Girls do not withstand the torture and die, and the emperor allowed the world Sofia to take the bodies of their daughters to bury them. Three days after the death of her children died and their mother, who also was buried with them. Church honors and the world Sofia as a martyr, because as a mother she lived with my heart horrible torture for Christ their beloved daughters. The relics of the Holy Martyrs Sofia, Faith, Hope and Love rest of 777 in Alsace, France.

A handmade icon on naturally aged wood following the technique of lithography, creating a unique piece of beauty. Based on a copy of Byzantine art, the hagiographer painted this work abiding to the traditional methods, as taught in the iconography workshops of the Athonian State.

Can be hung on a wall or placed on a flat surface.

The item is sold without the stand depicted.

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