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Saint Theophilus icon, Handmade Greek Orthodox icon St Theophilus, Byzantine art wall hanging on wood plaque icon, religious decor

Saint Theophilus icon, Handmade Greek Orthodox icon St Theophilus, Byzantine art wall hanging on wood plaque icon, religious decor

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This wonderful icon has been created with the technique of lithography and has a double varnish to ensure waterproof and duration in time. The creator of this icon has learned the canonization of iconography in workshops of the Monasteries of Mount Athos, where he was taught both the technique of lithography and the process of handmade artificial ageing.

Theophilus of Alexandria was the Archbishop of Alexandria during the end of the fourth century through the first decade of the fifth. While a fierce defender of the Christian faith, he was an active participant in the intrigues with Eudoxia that resulted in the deposition and exile of St John Chrysostom from the see of Constantinople.

Little is known of the early life of Theophilus. He is known to have had a sister whose temperament was similar to his. Cyril, who succeeded him, was his nephew. At the time he was elected Archbishop of Alexandria, he was probably a leading member of the clergy in Alexandria and was known for his intellectual gifts, but also for his aggressiveness and violence. Theophilus did not have much tolerance for pagans or heretics.

Until his election to the see of Alexandria in 385, St Jerome noted that Theophilus had not shown himself as a public teacher. [1] In July 385, he was elected to the cathedra of Alexandria. About 391, having received permission from Emperor Theodosius to build a church on the site of the pagan temple to Dionysus, Theophilus provoked a confrontation with the pagans by mockingly displaying artifacts from the temple. During the confrontation, Theophilus caused the destruction of the temple to Serapis, [2] over which he built a church.

During the early years of his episcopate in Alexandria, Theophilus maintained good relations with his fellow clergy. In 394, when he was in Constantinople for the first time for a council he sat with Nectarius of Constantinople, Gregory of Nyssa, and Theodore of Mopsuestia. He

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